Single Seniors Social Club

A social group for people age 55+, living in and around Metro Vancouver.

What is the Single Seniors Social Club?

The Single Seniors Social Club (SSSC) is a social group for people age 55+.  Our club’s primary goal is to foster friendships and provide an ongoing stream of rewarding social and physical activities.  Our members are men and women approaching retirement or those currently enjoying the benefits of retirement.  Age is just a number, a maxim which our members fully endorse.


Our History

The SSSC was formed in 1980.  Until 2019 the club was known as The North Shore Group (NSG).  The NSG name was reflective of the time when the majority of its members lived in North or West Vancouver.  In 2019 the name of the group was changed to Single Seniors Social Club to mirror the geographic location of its current membership.  Today most SSSC members live in Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver.  A smaller number reside in New Westminster, and Richmond.


Our Members

The SSSC consists of 50 members, a number that has remained consistent in recent years.  Several of our long time members joined when they were in their 50’s and have aged energetically into their 80’s.   As a social group for people age 55+, our club is in expansion mode and in particular is targeting baby boomers to join our group.

Each year the SSSC elects a volunteer executive committee at its Annual General Meeting.   The eight-member executive team meets regularly to manage the club and ensure members’ needs are addressed.

Many people in the SSSC met in the club and have continued their friendships with club members over an extensive period of time.  It is new friendships that have made the SSSC so attractive to new members.  The social activities we share with one another encourage everyone in our group to learn new skills, participate in events they might not normally attend, and most of all, have fun!

Although our members are single, divorced, widowed or separated, it is not our intention to function as a singles dating club.  The SSSC prides itself on being a welcoming social group for people age 55+.  All our events are held in a safe, supportive environment.

The Single Seniors Social Club has chosen not to promote itself through Meetup Groups which appear online in almost every category imaginable under social groups for people age 55+.


Join the Single Seniors Social Club

Men and women living in Metro Vancouver who are interested in learning more about the SSSC are asked to contact our Membership Chairperson.  Following an initial conversation or meeting with the Chairperson, prospective members are invited to attend two SSSC events.  After attending the events, if they wish to join the SSSC, they are asked to complete a membership form.

Our Activities

We offer a variety of activities and events each month, organized by our members according to their interests and passions.

Photo Gallery

Check out our Photo Gallery to see what we’ve been up to, and what kinds of events you could be a part of.

This group was a huge help to me when I was suddenly on my own.  The men and women I’ve met are terrific, top quality people who have given me company and lots of fun!”

Heather, North Vancouver