Our Activities

Learn more about the variety of fun activities the Single Seniors Social Club enjoys.

A variety of fun activities for seniors

We are a lively, active group that provides a variety of activities for seniors.  Our most popular events are house parties, fine and casual dining, a mosaic of multi-cultural dining experiences, potluck dinners, walks, hikes, dancing, full-course golf, Par 3 Golf, music festivals, pub nights, live theatre, bowling, wine and cheese evenings, and group travel.  The SSSC also hosts popular theme parties such as Oscar Night, Western Barbecues, Tacky Tourists Soirees, and Crazy Socks Lunches.

Members attend the activities that appeal to them the most.  Events are scheduled during the week and most weekends.  Some activities, such as hikes, may attract six members, while other happenings like house parties may draw 25 people.  Most events are currently held in Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver and West Vancouver.



Members pay for the cost of activities that require payment at the event.  They are required to pay for the cost of their restaurant meals and beverages, theatre tickets, and golf course fees.  Many events, including house parties, hikes, and summer music concerts, are free for members.


How we decide what to offer

The Single Seniors Social Club hosts events that match the unique interests of its members.  Members complete their annual membership renewal forms in January.  The renewal form lists popular SSSC events and asks members to check the boxes on the form to indicate their preferred choices for events.  In addition, the form includes a section to list new activities for consideration for the upcoming year.  Each member is emailed a monthly newsletter listing all events and relevant registration information.


Member involvement

SSSC members are asked to organize and host at least one activity per year, with many members choosing to organize more.  New members are exempt from this requirement for at least six months.  The SSSC Social Event Coordinator provides support and ideas to members who request assistance in organizing their events.  The Coordinator works with members to ensure the activities differ each month.

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My friend introduced me to the SSSC twelve years ago.  Some of its members were retired, but many were working like I was.  I’ve learned to golf with this group, have hiked spectacular regional trails, attended uplifting operas and have particularly enjoyed the house parties.

Kathy, Richmond

This is the youngest group of so-called older people I’ve ever met.  I’m among the younger members, and I’m really enjoying this group.  There are so many original activities that the members organize.  The people are really friendly.  We laugh a lot together.  It’s fun.

Frank, Vancouver